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Tag Alias
aeroway_aerodrome Airport
amenity_animal_boarding Animal boarding facility
amenity_animal_shelter Animal shelter
amenity_arts_centre Arts Center
amenity_atm ATM
amenity_bank Bank
amenity_bar Bar
amenity_bench Bench
amenity_bicycle_parking Bicycle Parking
amenity_bicycle_rental Bicycle Rental
amenity_biergarten Beer garden
amenity_bureau_de_change Bureau de Change
amenity_bus_station Bus Station
amenity_cafe Cafe
amenity_car_rental Car Rental
amenity_car_sharing Car Share
amenity_car_wash Car Wash
amenity_casino Casino
amenity_charging_station Charging station
amenity_cinema Cinema
amenity_clinic Clinic
amenity_college College
amenity_community_centre Community Center
amenity_courthouse Courthouse
amenity_crematorium Crematorium
amenity_dentist Dentist
amenity_doctors Doctor
amenity_dojo Dojang
amenity_drinking_water Drinking Water
amenity_driving_school Driving School
amenity_embassy Embassy
amenity_emergency_phone Emergency Phone
amenity_fast_food Fast Food
amenity_ferry_terminal Ferry Terminal
amenity_fire_station Fire Station
amenity_fountain Fountain
amenity_fuel Fuel
amenity_grave_yard Grave Yard
amenity_grit_bin Grit bin
amenity_gym Fitness Center
amenity_hospital Hospital
amenity_hunting_stand Hunting Stand
amenity_ice_cream Ice Cream
amenity_kindergarten Kindergarten
amenity_library Library
amenity_motorcycle_parking Motorcycle parking
amenity_nightclub Night Club
amenity_nursing_home Nursing Home
amenity_parking Parking
amenity_pharmacy Pharmacy
amenity_place_of_worship Place of Worship
amenity_police Police
amenity_post_box Post Box
amenity_post_office Post Office
amenity_prison Prison
amenity_pub Bar
amenity_public_building Public Building
amenity_recycling Recycling Point
amenity_restaurant Restaurant
amenity_retirement_home Retirement Home
amenity_sauna Sauna
amenity_school School
amenity_shelter Shelter
amenity_studio Studio
amenity_swingerclub Swinger Club
amenity_taxi Taxi
amenity_telephone Phone Booth
amenity_theatre Theatre
amenity_toilets Toilet
amenity_townhall Town Hall
amenity_university University
amenity_vending_machine Vending Machine
amenity_veterinary Veterinary Surgery
amenity_waste_basket Bin
building Building
building_apartments Apartment Block
building_block Building Block
building_bunker Bunker
building_chapel Chapel
building_church Church
building_city_hall City Hall
building_commercial Commercial Building
building_dormitory Dormitory
building_entrance Building Entrance
building_faculty Faculty Building
building_farm Farm Building
building_flats Flats
building_garage Garage
building_hall Hall
building_hospital Hospital Building
building_hotel Hotel
building_house House
building_industrial Industrial Building
building_office Office Building
building_public Public Building
building_residential Residential Building
building_retail Retail Building
building_school School Building
building_shop Shop
building_stadium Stadium
building_store Store
building_terrace Terrace
building_tower Tower
building_train_station Railway Station
building_university University Building
emergency_fire_hydrant Fire Hydrant
highway_bridleway Bridleway
highway_bus_guideway Guided Bus Lane
highway_bus_stop Bus Stop
highway_byway Byway
highway_construction Highway under Construction
highway_cycleway Cycle Path
highway_distance_marker Distance Marker
highway_emergency_access_point Emergency Access Point
highway_footway Footpath
highway_ford Ford
highway_gate Gate
highway_living_street Living Street
highway_minor Minor Road
highway_motorway Motorway
highway_motorway_junction Motorway Junction
highway_motorway_link Motorway Road
highway_path Path
highway_pedestrian Pedestrian Way
highway_platform Platform
highway_primary Primary Road
highway_primary_link Primary Road
highway_raceway Raceway
highway_residential Residential
highway_rest_area Rest Area
highway_road Road
highway_secondary Secondary Road
highway_secondary_link Secondary Road
highway_service Service Road
highway_services Motorway Services
highway_steps Steps
highway_stile Stile
highway_tertiary Tertiary Road
highway_track Track
highway_trail Trail
highway_trunk Trunk Road
highway_trunk_link Trunk Road
highway_unclassified Unclassified Road
highway_unsurfaced Unsurfaced Road
historic_archaeological_site Archaeological Site
historic_battlefield Battlefield
historic_boundary_stone Boundary Stone
historic_building Building
historic_castle Castle
historic_manor Manor
historic_memorial Memorial
historic_mine Mine
historic_monument Monument
historic_ruins Ruin
historic_wayside_cross Wayside Cross
historic_wayside_shrine Wayside Shrine
historic_wreck Wreck
landuse_allotments Allotment
landuse_basin Basin
landuse_brownfield Brownfield Land
landuse_cemetery Cemetery
landuse_commercial Commercial Area
landuse_conservation Conservation
landuse_construction Construction
landuse_farm Farm
landuse_farmland Farmland
landuse_farmyard Farmyard
landuse_forest Forest
landuse_grass Grass
landuse_greenfield Greenfield Land
landuse_industrial Industrial Area
landuse_landfill Landfill
landuse_meadow Meadow
landuse_military Military Area
landuse_piste Piste
landuse_quarry Quarry
landuse_railway Railway
landuse_recreation_ground Recreation Ground
landuse_reservoir Reservoir
landuse_residential Residential Area
landuse_retail Retail
landuse_village_green Village Green
landuse_vineyard Vineyard
landuse_wood Wood
leisure_beach_resort Beach Resort
leisure_common Common Land
leisure_fishing Fishing Area
leisure_garden Garden
leisure_golf_course Golf Course
leisure_hackerspace Hackerspace
leisure_ice_rink Ice Rink
leisure_marina Marina
leisure_miniature_golf Miniature Golf
leisure_nature_reserve Nature Reserve
leisure_park Park
leisure_pitch Sports Pitch
leisure_playground Playground
leisure_recreation_ground Recreation Ground
leisure_slipway Boat Ramp
leisure_sports_centre Sports Centre
leisure_stadium Stadium
leisure_swimming_pool Swimming Pool
leisure_track Running Track
leisure_water_park Water Park
man_made_water_well Water well
man_made_windmill Windmill
natural_bay Bay
natural_beach Beach
natural_cape Cape
natural_cave_entrance Cave Entrance
natural_cliff Cliff
natural_coastline Coastline
natural_fell Fell
natural_glacier Glacier
natural_heath Heath
natural_land Land
natural_marsh Marsh
natural_moor Moor
natural_mud Mud
natural_peak Peak
natural_reef Reef
natural_ridge Ridge
natural_rock Rock
natural_scree Scree
natural_scrub Scrub
natural_shoal Shoal
natural_spring Spring
natural_tree Tree
natural_valley Valley
natural_volcano Volcano
natural_water Water
natural_wetland Wetland
natural_wood Wood
office_insurance Insurance
place_city City
place_country Country
place_county County
place_farm Farm
place_hamlet Hamlet
place_house House
place_houses Houses
place_island Island
place_islet Islet
place_locality Locality
place_municipality Municipality
place_region Region
place_sea Sea
place_state State
place_suburb Suburb
place_town Town
place_village Village
railway_abandoned Abandoned Railway
railway_construction Railway under Construction
railway_disused Disused Railway
railway_funicular Funicular Railway
railway_halt Train Stop
railway_level_crossing Level Crossing
railway_light_rail Light Rail
railway_monorail Monorail
railway_narrow_gauge Narrow Gauge Railway
railway_platform Railway Platform
railway_preserved Preserved Railway
railway_station Railway Station
railway_subway Subway Station
railway_subway_entrance Subway Entrance
railway_switch Railway Points
railway_tram Tramway
railway_tram_stop Tram Stop
shop_alcohol Off License
shop_art Art Shop
shop_bakery Bakery
shop_beauty Beauty Shop
shop_beverages Beverages Shop
shop_bicycle Bicycle Shop
shop_books Book Shop
shop_butcher Butcher
shop_car Car Shop
shop_car_parts Car Parts
shop_car_repair Car Repair
shop_carpet Carpet Shop
shop_charity Charity Shop
shop_chemist Chemist
shop_clothes Clothes Shop
shop_computer Computer Shop
shop_confectionery Confectionery Shop
shop_convenience Convenience Store
shop_copyshop Copy Shop
shop_deli delicatessen
shop_department_store Department Store
shop_doityourself Do-It-Yourself
shop_dry_cleaning Dry Cleaning
shop_electronics Electronics Shop
shop_estate_agent Estate Agent
shop_farm Farm Shop
shop_fashion Fashion Shop
shop_fish Fish Shop
shop_florist Florist
shop_food Food Shop
shop_funeral_directors Funeral Director
shop_furniture Furniture
shop_garden_centre Garden Center
shop_general General Store
shop_gift Gift Shop
shop_greengrocer Greengrocer
shop_hairdresser Hairdresser
shop_hardware Hardware Store
shop_hifi Hi-Fi
shop_jewelry Jewelry Shop
shop_kiosk Kiosk Shop
shop_laundry Laundry
shop_mall Mall
shop_massage Massage Shop
shop_mobile_phone Mobile Phone Shop
shop_motorcycle Motorcycle Shop
shop_music Music Shop
shop_newsagent Newsagent
shop_optician Optician
shop_organic Organic Food Shop
shop_outdoor Outdoor Shop
shop_pet Pet Shop
shop_photo Photo Shop
shop_salon Salon
shop_seafood Seafood Shop
shop_shoes Shoe Shop
shop_shopping_centre Shopping Center
shop_sports Sports Shop
shop_stationery Stationery Shop
shop_supermarket Supermarket
shop_tattoo Tattoo Studio
shop_tobacco Tobacco Shop
shop_toys Toy Shop
shop_travel_agency Travel Agency
shop_video Video Shop
shop_wine Off License
tourism_alpine_hut Alpine Hut
tourism_artwork Artwork
tourism_attraction Attraction
tourism_camp_site Camp Site
tourism_caravan_site Caravan Site
tourism_chalet Chalet
tourism_guest_house Guest House
tourism_hostel Hostel
tourism_hotel Hotel
tourism_information Information
tourism_motel Motel
tourism_museum Museum
tourism_picnic_site Picnic Site
tourism_theme_park Theme Park
tourism_viewpoint Viewpoint
tourism_zoo Zoo
waterway_boatyard Boatyard
waterway_canal Canal
waterway_dam Dam
waterway_derelict_canal Derelict Canal
waterway_ditch Ditch
waterway_dock Dock
waterway_drain Drain
waterway_rapids Rapids
waterway_river River
waterway_riverbank Riverbank
waterway_stream Stream
waterway_wadi Wadi
waterway_water_point Water Point
waterway_waterfall Waterfall
waterway_weir Weir